What do Open Minds days do?

Open Minds Days uses practical activities that promote co-operation, speaking and listening skills and teamwork. Whether it's making sure no one falls in 'Quicksand!' making sure there's no detonation in 'Carry The Bomb' or 'Dueling' with our noodles, you can choose from a variety of challenges that will help your group to work together and solve problems.

Open Minds provides half day, full day and units of activities based on problem solving and team building in consultation with staff at a preliminary meeting. Activities can be adapted for themes, abilities and any particular focus the group would benefit from. Open Minds is open to people of all ages and abilities.

Open Minds Activities can also be used for:

• Healthy Being Week
• Super Learning Day
• After exam celebration
• Prefect selection
• Leavers event
• Y2/Y3 transition
• Y6/Y7 transition
• Interschool days
• Team building
• Outdoor and Adventurous Activities unit